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Fair Trade Wool Mittens

Once upon a time… our cars, appliances, furnitrue and clothes were all made in the USA. Gradually these products were replaced by those made overseas. The gift industry has been no exception to the “globalization” trend. American artisans have been particualarly challenged with copies of their own work showing up on the mass market.

Support Fair trade!

Support American Made!

Please join us in our mission to support home grown talent, and not lose the beauriful art and craft created in this country. Thank you for your support, and for spreading the word. We thank you, and the artists thank you even more!

My Dollar Makes a Difference.

Help us build a better World by purchasing “Fair Trade”

Help us build a better America by purchasing “American Made”

Help us build a better Community by purcahing “Locally Produced”

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Your purchase makes a difference. Every item purchased at Glidden Goods helps provide vital, fair income to artisans and their families.

Shop at Glidden Goods and You support the Fair Trade Movement.